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Vending Set up - Full Display of many of our products and collections

New Arrivals!

Give your hair and skin the special tender love and care with products from one of our many collections!


Smart, Affordable, Hypoallergenic, Natural Products

Welcome to Yasmin's Beauty! Thanks for giving your time & consideration. We're a small business that specializes in providing you with the best natural Skin, Body & Hair Care that is botanical and cosmetic chemistry backed while maintaining the integrity of being completely Coconut & Nut FREE!


As someone who is allergic to something that's in everything, I'm all too familiar with having to pour money into buying super expensive products that are Hypoallergenic, for sensitive skin, and affordable. So I finally decided to do something about it! I decided to put my bachelors degree to work and use my powers for good. Never did I imagine using my chemistry degree for creating a body care line, but here I am happier than ever

Here are Yasmin's Beauty, we only want what's best for you, and we believe we are that!

Our online store was founded by like-minded individuals, a group of professionals dedicated to building innovative, smart and easy online shopping solutions. At Yasmin's Beauty, we guarantee that every single purchase you make will be a seamless process from start to finish. Take a look at our site and get in touch with questions or concerns.


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